L(A)B Lip and Eye Focus Photon


Reduce fine lines such as the crows feet


Sweep away dark circles + reduce eye puffiness


Improve lymphatic drainage under the eyes


Reduce the appearance of stubborn wrinkles such as No.11’s, naso-labial lines, and vertical “smokers lines” around the mouth


Lift, firm + tone the skin for example on hooded eyes and sagging brow line

L(A)B Lip + Eye Focus Photon combines micro current, galvanic current, massage, electro-magnetic stimulation (EMS), gentle warming and LED lights to enhance the results of your beauty regime fora visibly more youthful appearance. The precise shape of the head is designed for targeted use on your anti-ageing and skin concerns including areas where the skin is the most fragile and delicate around the eyes and mouth, but also on any problem wrinkles and blemish prone areas.

Six Scientifically Proven Technologies in One Device

1. Galvanic Current

Galvanic current increases the penetration of serums and creams and enhances their benefits and active ingredients.

2. Micro Current

Widely used by leading skin clinics, micro current visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lifting and firming the skin.

3. Electrial Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

EMS improves the muscle tone and firmness for a more defined and arched brow and to reduce the appearance of deep-set wrinkles such as frown lines and naso-labial wrinkles.

4. Massage

Relaxing, gentle massage reduces dark circles and under eye puffiness by improving lymphatic drainage, and stimulates the skin for a brighter more radiant complexion.

5. Gentle Warming

Gentle warmth helps to stimulate the skin and increase circulation while having a soothing effect.

6. Photon Light Ring

LED lights improve the bounce and elasticity of the skin, while also refining and clarifying it’s complexion.

Battery Life: Powered by a AAA battery. This will last approximately 12 uses, when used for 3 minutes. When the battery power is running low the LED lights will flash to indicate the battery needs replacing.