Is the creation of Oxford University Scientists and Sisters Lauren, Charlotte and Sophie. L(A)B’s aim is to improve the effectiveness of your everyday skin and healthcare regimes with cutting edge scientific devices that fit easily into your life.

L(A)B is committed to delivering products of the highest innovation and quality from concept to packaging. We are a unique brand, the first British, Family run Electronic Skincare + Healthcare company. L(A)B are the Beauty Tool Experts.

L(A)B founders

“As Scientists we wanted to create apparatus that will improve your health and beauty routine and give visible, professional results at home”

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Lauren (27 years old) studied Biological Sciences at St Hilda’s College, Oxford University, specialising in genetic and cellular pathways.

Lauren applies this research to the L(A)B products to understand and interpret how the different technologies will impact the cellular make-up of the skin, for example by increasing the rate of production of collagen in ageing skin cells.



Charlotte (30 years old) gained a Masters in Chemistry from Worcester College, Oxford University. Charlotte carried out her research project at the Berlin Synchrotron investigating the effect of different energies on particles.

This research was applied to the development of L(A)B products including the Pro-Lift+ which features red light and micro current energies that work to deliver our clinically proven results.